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Am a fun-loving lady who believes in the best,am a hard working lady,full of passion,confidence and also loyal,respectful,frugal but not cheap and i laugh a lot.I'm comfortable in my own head and have no need to be in constant motion.Even though I'm happy just lazying around sometimes, that doesn't mean I'm going to sit on the couch and grow roots.I enjoy getting out,but if you're looking for a life of black-tie and schmoozing at galas, you'll have to seek elsewhere.I prefer dressing casually and comfortably and nothing beats a warm day,skirt or skinny jeans,sandals and a t-shirt. Ordinary day-to-day pleasures suit me just fine, especially if I have someone with whom to share them,a walk,conversation over dinner,a movie,watching a sunset from the patio,working out,curling up together to read a book or just watch some TV -- One thing I very much look forward to is doing a little more traveling.
Music: Blues,R&B,Country and Rock..( Daniel Bedingfield,Enrique,Celine Dion,Remy Zero,Beyonce)
TV: CSI,NYPD,RIIS,Oprah,Beauty and Soaps.
Books: Romantic and Adventurous Novels
Sports: Basketball,Football,Volleyball
Interests: Going to the beach mostly on weekends,reading,cooking,watch movies and listening to music,wine and dinner out
Movies: Romantic,Comedy,Action and Drama
BestFeatures: Every part of my body..
Dreams: Am looking forward to find the man of my dreams,that special man to make me happy forever..

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